Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Kyle Narsavage

President & Owner

Lisa Greenwell

Vice President

Matt Pizzola

Director of Grounds Maintenance

Alex Erinakes

Director of Landscape Construction

Jedd Narsavage

Director of Business Development

Juan Pineda

Client Relationship Manager

Mason Frymark

Client Relationship Manager

Karla Delgado

Finance Manager

Jennifer Zambrana

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Denilson Tacam

Team Member Success Coordinator

Elizabeth Narsavage

Marketing Manager

Jhosse Cruz Navarro

Production Manager

Mark Strugatch

Production Manager

Sabino Cruz Navarro

Production Manager

Ingrid Cortazar

Office Coordinator



GreenSweep delivers what they promise and stands behind their work.— Raymond C.
GreenSweep LLC Serving commercial
& residential properties
in DC, Maryland & Virginia
since 1991
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