The GreenSweep Advantage

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service alongside top-notch landscaping. We take care of our clients in addition to taking care of their properties, and that sets us apart from the competition. Choosing GreenSweep as your landscape contractor provides you with the GreenSweep Advantage.

We pledge to always provide the customer with a quality experience. From the first phone call through job completion, customers can anticipate (1) timely responses to questions/inquiries, (2) kind, knowledgeable office staff, (3) an experienced crew on their jobsite, (4) an Account Manager or Project Manager to ensure service is completed as requested, and (5) quick resolution to any additional service requests, new work orders, or other issues.

We elevate responsiveness to the next level, always ready to help clients achieve their landscape goals. We believe in educating our clients on what top-level grounds care looks like, so they can hold us to the same high standard to which we hold ourselves. We try to field all new inquiries same-day or next business day, with either an estimate for services or a scheduled site walkthrough if necessary. Once the service request is understood, we aim to deliver estimates within 48 hours. We are always available to answer follow-up questions or field new work orders. We resolve issues quickly and send out crews in a timely manner.


To be known as a top landscaping company and a respected business in our market area in the eyes of customers, employees, industry professionals, and the community at-large. To be regarded as knowledgeable landscape professionals by our customers, worthy of their trust and their business. To provide a workplace where employees feel empowered and prepared to achieve their personal and professional goals.


To maintain and enhance the beauty, function, and value of every client's property through our commitment to quality landscape services and unparalleled customer service in order to exceed client expectations.

Core Values


We strongly believe in open and honest communication with our clients. We are honest about our prices, our services, our strengths, and our limitations. We competitively price our services, so you know you’re making a smart investment. We tell you from the start what we do so you can determine if we’re the right landscaping firm to manage your property. We only provide services and take on jobs where we can excel, and we’re upfront if we need to consult with a landscape architect, arborist, irrigation technician, or other expert in our network of qualified subcontractors to get the job done right.


Our work is constantly on display. When you drive down the street, walk past your neighbor’s yard, welcome a guest to your hotel, or invite friends for dinner on the back patio, GreenSweep’s name is on the line. We don’t want you to be disappointed, so we always work efficiently to provide you with the highest-quality end result.


Respect is vital to our company. Positive working relationships between us and our clients are paramount to our success. We emphasize the importance of mutual respect between employees, with our customers, and even with our competitors. Our team is professional, and we value your opinion.


GreenSweep is in the service industry, and we are fully aware that we will not survive without our clients. Providing the highest-quality service is what we strive to do every day, on every job, for every client. Our job is not complete until you are satisfied.

GreenSweep is always on time and efficient, and they do great work.— Carolyn B.
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