Smart Summer Planting

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While it is usually suggested to plant in the spring or fall, do not count out the summer months. Planting in the summer is a definite possibility if you are willing to put in a little more effort.


First and foremost, make sure to choose healthy plants. Inspect plants before purchasing and procure from reliable nurseries. All plants provided by GreenSweep come from trusted growers and suppliers and will be high quality. This rule applies no matter what season you choose to plant.

Plan out your new landscaping to incorporate drought-tolerant plants in bright colors in high-traffic areas on a patio or lining an entrance walkway. You will get the benefit of summer flowers right away and peace of mind as these plants are built to survive more hot and dry conditions. Some options include summer annuals like begonia, vinca, or petunia and perennials such as lavender or coneflower.

Consider if fertilizer or added nutrients will strength your soil. Plants need soil, heat from the sun, and water to grow and thrive. But if you plant in summer months you might investigate fertilizer options to help plants along since the conditions are a bit tougher.

Lastly, but perhaps most crucial, is the task of watering. This is where most of the extra effort lies for smart summer planting. Proper watering is essential to maintain any new landscaping, but it is particularly important when installing plants in the summer. The soil and air temperatures are higher and there is less rainfall, so be extremely diligent about giving plants a good supply of water. Check out our post with more information about watering.

Summer is certainly a viable planting window – just make sure to be smart!

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