Front & Side Yard Facelift

Bethesda, MD

Goal: Improve curb appeal and solve issues with standing water.

Project: GreenSweep removed unwanted plant material and regraded a low spot adjacent to the front door without requiring any costly work to the walkway or driveway. New gutter downspout extensions now drain into underground drainage lines that carry rainwater away from the house, and the regraded and resodded turf area eliminates low spots and pooling water. Our team transplanted healthy boxwoods to replace removed shrubs along the foundation. Fronting the boxwoods, Glossy Abelia will provide spring-summer blooms. Along a side fence, unruly hedges were replaced with a clean mixture of Emerald Green Arborvitae and Neon Flash Spiraea in a new landscape bed with crisp lines, surrounded by fresh sod.

Behind the Scenes

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