Suburban Backyard Transformation

Bethesda, MD

Goal: Transform a large sloping backyard into a space where grandchildren can play while still providing a home for beautiful shrubs and plants to fulfill the client's gardening hobby.

Project: GreenSweep developed a concept which accomplished both goals through the construction of a dramatic sweeping concrete block retaining wall, essentially dividing the yard into upper and lower levels. The upper level is now a lush, flat expanse of green turf, perfect for setting up a picnic blanket or giving kids space to kick a ball around. A pathway of large natural fieldstone winds from the upper level past a beautiful new cherry tree to the lower garden area. GreenSweep filled the lower level with Hydrangea, Clethra, Iris, Red-Twig Dogwood, Mountain Laurel and Japanese Pieris. Each of these will provide interesting blooms in a wide variety of shades, each ideal to be enjoyed as cuttings in a vase, or in their natural state filling the backyard with color. The end result is an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed for years to come by a multi-generational family!

Behind the Scenes

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